Calistria Space

Calistria Space

((Sector Map of Calistria Space))

Calistria Space is the common name of the area in which the only current galactic supraficial government is located. Astronomically, Calistria Space and its neighbor, Void Space, are located in what is called Known Space. Calistria Space spans 7 different species, dozens of inhabitable worlds, and thousands of stellar bodies and phenomena. Calistria Space is all inclusive of these 7 different species that live in harmony amongst each other.  This area of the galaxy is named after said government, the Calistria Movement. Calistria Space falls under the complete jurisdiction of the government, and any individual or group found within the borders are subject to Calistrian Law.

((Species Space Map of Calistria Space))

Calistria Space is divided up in three different ways. Culturally, Calistria Space is unified yet divided by each specific species' space, or Species Space. The Species Space is the astronomical borders given to a Species of the Calistria Movement. These borders include, at least within Calistria Space, the homeworld of the Species and their own respective government heads. These borders can be divided by the government's own internal border systems, but cannot be broken in the same way. Each Species Space is overseen by an Ambassador, who usually does not control any aspect of their respective government, but instead acts as the liaison between their species and the Calistrian Council.

The Calistria Movement uses Sectors and Oversectors in order to properly govern the people of the Movement. Oversectors cover 3 different Sectors whereas Sectors are the base component of division for internal borders. Each Oversector is run by a Governor, who oversees operations in the three Sectors beneath their jurisdiction. Each Sector is run by a Sector Commissioner, all of whom report to the Governor. As far as control and power go, typically Senators are appointed for individual worlds, solar systems, colonies, or otherwise that must meet a specific criteria in which said Senators meet on the Calistrian Center of Galactic Governance Orbital Station once a galactic month in order to address their concerns and benefits with their Sector and Oversector leaders in a public forum.

((Oversector Map of Calistria Space))

Calistria Space is home to a great many technological advances that have allowed the government to stay in power for as long as they have, and are considered a great adversary to any outlying stellar body or people. The time it takes to get an average freighter from the capital to the outskirt arms of Calistria Space take roughly 3-4 weeks. Calistria Space is especially large, covering anywhere from 1/3 to 1/5 of the estimated galaxy, and about 2/3 of the Known Galaxy. Stretching from the Galactic Bulge to the very last Spiral Arm, Calistria Space is said to have never been fully explored by any being or government to date.

Calistria Space

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