Create A Sector

Creating a Sector of Space has a lot to it. Entire gaming campaigns can take place on one singular planet, or one singular solar system even. Sectors have a multitude of Solar Systems, Stellar Phenomena, and more. Sectors are imaginary borders classified by a being or Institute in power. A Sector can be huge or small, a Sector can have one solar system or a dozen. A Sector is like Florida to the USA.

When creating a sector, you will need to map out the Sector composition. What makes up this particular Sector. Coming up with a reason as to why this piece of the galaxy is considered a sector can help. Some sectors are going to be more important than others to a government, but important nonetheless. Building an entire space of a species or government tends to be easier when building in sectors, as well as its easier to govern a large Expanse of Space if it is divided up into Sectors.

Sectors are primarily comprised of;
Habitable Systems: Solar Systems that naturally hold a planetary body or more that sustain intelligent life.
Uninhabitable Systems: Solar Systems that do not naturally hold a planetary body or more that sustain intelligent life. This doesn't mean there aren't any aspects of life for microscopic to intelligent life. A system is still deemed Uninhabitable if a planet in the system has a planet that harbors simple life.
Man Made Systems: These aren't solar systems but instead space worthy outposts, stations, or other that are artificial. A Mining Facility in an Asteroid Cluster is considered a Man Made System just like an Outpost Colony for Species X in a different Asteroid cluster or orbiting a rogue singular star. 
Stellar Phenomena: These are everything from a Nebula to an Asteroid Cluster to a Black Hole to an Electromagnetic Storm to harmful exposure of intense Galactic rays. They tend to be dangerous, and avoidable, though some beings will forge a Man Made System within them for protection against governments or people, risking catastrophe. Rarely, a solar system can be found within Stellar Phenomena.
Trade Routes: These are to help depict traffic and cause of travel.

Once the composition of the Sector has been forged, you'll then have to get into the larger minutia by detailing all of these things within the Sector. Once all of the major systems, phenomena, and routings have been constructed. Then it's time to do 2 things. 1; Gathering a foundation of the more linear minutia of how each city works, how each planet rally works, how the industries of sentient life work, and the overall story of it all. 2; Tying everything together, and polishing it off. Making it so that it is ready to be played. All of the institutions, economies, and people are outlined and ready to be interacted with.

Create A Sector

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