Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy is a very large and diverse aspect of space. One of an unlimited number of galaxies in a universe alongside an unlimited number of universes. The mind cannot imagine the actual reality. The Milky Way Galaxy is our galaxy. It's the place where we and everyone we know live in. The galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy, and almost all life can be found in the absence of light between the expanding arms of said galaxy. 

The Milky Way Galaxy is, in this time period, split into 4 Major Regions. Calistria Space, Void Space, Century Belt, and Black Space.

Calistria Space: Calistria Space is a very large region of the galaxy, located at the center and south areas of the galaxy. Calistria Space is home to the Calistria Movement, and is home for up to 7 species, including Humans. This area of space is very well regulated, patrolled, and is considered by many to be the most civilized aspect of Known Space.

Void Space: This area of space exists in the buffer zone between Calistria Space and the Century Belt. Void Space is home to at least 3 species, and is regarded as the cautious explorer's paradise. This area of space is the smallest Major Region in the Milky Way Galaxy. The species that live out here do not believe in the Calistria Movement and do not recognize the Council and the Council Species as the ultimate power in the galaxy. The species here work together, and even against each other, in order to survive. Living closer to the fringes in less regulated and consistently more dangerous areas, these species tend to be more rigid and gruff.

Century Belt: The Century Belt is by no means an actual belt of anything. The Major Region of space is named the Belt for its long stretch of hardships through the inability for many to traverse, colonize, or otherwise chart. The name was first used as a nickname. Many explorers began calling the Region Century Belt after believing that it'd take at least a century's worth of time to cross. Technology has not advanced enough to allow any peoples the ability to go from one side of the galaxy to another, and many journeys end in dismay or return to home after the expertise and resources are not able to stand the test of time and the unknown variables of the region. There are 5 species that one way or another originate from this space, and each are more mysterious than the next. Some of these species haven't even been discovered by the Calistria Movement or Void Spacers as of yet. This area of space is relatively uncharted, and extremely dangerous. This is the aspect of space where the pirate lords stake their claims and where wars fuel and destroy entire civilizations as commonplace. 

Black Space: Black Space is completely unknown. Never having been explored, Black Space is considered a Major Region out of necessity. X amount of species originate or have made a home in this Major Region. Without finding aid in the Century Belt, no ship could make it into BlackSpace without running out of fuel or needing immediate aid upon arrival into Black Space. Myths and legends swirl around the mysterious Black Space, however, it is not romanticized in pop culture or in admiration like the Century Belt.

Milky Way Galaxy

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