Primeval Era

Primeval Era

The Primeval Era is the time in which the Old Iron ruled the galaxy, essentially uplifting other species in order to provide a source of labor, resources, or otherwise. During the Primeval Era, the Old Iron would keep the galaxy in check. Wars were extremely rare, famine was virtually nonexistent in the grand scale of the galaxy, and prosperity, even through slavery, was deemed a universal gift to all. In this way, the Old Iron had successfully cultivated a mass push towards advanced technology while simultaneously keeping every species happy, usually through ignorance of one another. Most of the Primeval Species had little to no knowledge of life outside themselves, those in their immediate surroundings, and the Old Iron.

For over 10,000 years the galaxy retained an ultimately safe and encouraging demeanor that allowed many species to prosper and realize their own potential. Some even reaching the apex point of their species hundreds to thousands of years before they'd ever get there naturally. However, it is not unwarranted to say that the Primeval Era would end in a much different way than it lived. Eventually the galaxy was metaphorically set ablaze by rebellion, extreme tactics, world destroying monstrosities, and extinction for almost all sentient life. It didnt get there overnight, nor did it reach this point without proper cause. Below, there is a timeline of what happened on a very broad scale, mostly pinpointed at 100 year marks. This is of course not to be taken literally as we dont exactly know all of the details nor have the technology to find out. These are estimations. So, take it with a grain of salt, and use this knowledge to help you, or be doomed to follow the past into the future, resulting in yet another catastrophic end to a beautiful and naturally serene galaxy.


Territory in the Primeval Era is truly complacent and untroubled by trivial disputes of territories or resources like the galaxy endures now. Territories for the most part retained a stagnant border, only manipulated and transformed at the will of the Old Iron. Even then, they never faltered nor grew to any larger extent. This would fundamentally pave the way for many species in the Contemporaneous Era to fluctuate, be it towards success or failure. For example, the Primeval Species, the Spectral actually become the Spuri species of the Contemporaneous Era. Other species like the Cirko, Human, and Keltarai species live in both the Primeval Era and Contemporaneous Era, even if it is briefly. 

This is a rough rendition of what the Primeval Era would look like between the Old Iron and the Uplifted Species. This does not account for Hopeful Species or Contemporaneous Species, instead focusing on the main species of the Old Iron and those they formally enslaved. Outside of these main species, excluding the Old Iron, this is the extent of their territory prior to the Insurrection Wars. Everything that is outside of that has been claimed by, and eventually recorded by the Old Iron who saw it fit to occupy as much space as possible in order to maintain an at peace galactic civilization.

>1 Old Iron
>2 Spectral
>3 Koli
>4 Nyph
>5 Escosar


This section is meant to lay out the events of the Primeval Era. As stated above, these are estimated times. Another aspect to consider is that the events are perceived after the fact, not during. This timeline will function off of BC/AD and BCM/ACM in order to give a point of reference. Every now and then BC/AD will have a small anecdote of where Human history sits, in order to properly imagine the timeframes. BCM/ACM is just Before Calistria Movement and After Calistria Movement. This is NOT how time will be, this is ONLY so that its easier to understand to ensure we are all on the same page. One last thing to consider; the Old Iron are not the first galactic species by far. We are not going to get that far for now as this is sufficient enough to bolster out effects on the Contemporaneous Era where the game itself will take place.


X BC // X BCM; Enter Important Anecdote or Event Here
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Golden Age of the Old Iron

9,500 BC // 11,800 BCM; During the Golden Age of the Old Iron
The Old Iron Empire make contact with advanced Human species known as the Atlantean. Detecting their civilization through an anomaly on patrolling exploratory ships, in search of resource reservoirs, they make their contact with the Atlantean species. Diplomacies ensue for nearly half a year before the Atlantean species agrees to leave Pacifica (Earth) in order to fully realize their potential where other species cannot be affected as the entire Atlantean culture revolved around technology and the mysteries of the Biophage. The species could all manipulate sea life and the mass ocean, meaning they could also endanger life on the planet forever if they were to begin their ascension into the galactic community. Relocating the species, they even took their underwater cities to another, less diverse planet with lesser repercussions. A small group of intrigued Old Iron scientists stay behind to follow the Human population, eventually leading the different Human civilizations towards advancement like the Mayan, Egyptian, and Nordic peoples. For thousands of years, they would (within their own small communities) watch over the Human populations, committing themselves to tests in order to perceive whether the Human species was also worthy of ascension in time like the Atlantean people.

8,900 BC // 11,200 BCM;
End of the Golden Age of the Old Iron due to the halt in progression of their own technologies. Shift of the species and their government begin to take hold of uplifting other species like the Atlantean on a smaller scale, or the Septural on a larger scale.

8,200 BC // 10,500 BCM;
The Old Iron Empire make first contact with Keltarai species on Villidron. Monitoring the Keltarai and attempted to slowly advance the group into the galactic community begins almost immediately. The Keltarai would become known as one of the first Hopeful Species which denoted that the group may eventually join the Old Iron to serve an important purpose.

8,000 BC // 10,300 BCM; Escosar Emergence
The Old Iron Empire enslave the first Uplifted Species, the Escosar. This happens just after an assembly of the Old Iron Imperial Court that vote to keep the precaution of confinement for the eventual Uplifted Species. Formidable amongst technology, the Old Iron use the Escosar as a sort of, enslaved engineering group that allows them to help solve their problems with technology, without letting the Escosar have many rights or abilities to deviate from the Old Iron. The aforementioned assembly, denoted as the Indentured Pact Panel, would vote to restrict the Uplifted Species from becoming independent, at the threat of war. 

7,800 BC // 10,100 BCM;
The Old Iron Empire make first contact with Polovin species on Polov II. Monitoring the Polovin and attempted to slowly advance the group into the galactic community begins almost immediately. The Keltarai would become known as one of the first Hopeful Species which denoted that the group may eventually join the Old Iron to serve an important purpose.

7,800 BC // 10,100 BCM; Spectral Emergence
The Old Iron Empire enslave the second Uplifted Species, the Spectral. Formidable amongst agriculture and art, the Old Iron use the Spectral as a foundation and source of entertainment and scientific endeavors pertaining to terraforming and food allocation, without letting the Spectral have many rights or abilities to deviate from the Old Iron. The Indentured Pact Panel would continue to vote on restrictions to the Uplifted Species from becoming independent, at the threat of war. 

7,650 BC // 9,950 BCM; Koli Emergence
The Old Iron Empire enslave the third Uplifted Species, the Koli. Formidable amongst labor, the Old Iron use the Koli as an outfit for mining, processing, refinement, and more, without letting the Koli have many rights or abilities to deviate from the Old Iron. The Indentured Pact Panel would continue to vote on restrictions to the Uplifted Species from becoming independent, at the threat of war. 

7,650 BC // 9,950 BCM; Nyph Emergence
The Old Iron Empire enslave the last Uplifted Species, the Nyph. Formidable amongst most raw resources with their ability to transform them into the most pure form of said resource, the Old Iron use the Nyph as a scientific outfit for repurposing resources that were plentiful or not useful as well as making the species submit to all kinds of invasive medical experiments usually acquired through the Escosar and Spectral, without letting the Nyph have many rights or abilities to deviate from the Old Iron. The Indentured Pact Panel, a branch of the Old Iron Imperial Court, would continue to vote on restrictions to the Uplifted Species from becoming independent, at the threat of war. 

7,600 BC // 9,900 BCM; Spectral Revolt and Polovin Genocide
The Polovin and Spectral who both inhabit the same territory have, by this time, embraced an unofficial alliance. Spectral plan to use alliance to further their own agenda in a revolt against the Old Iron to free themselves as well as the Polovin. Polovin agree to alliance after Spectral show that the Polovin are on the same track as they were, and will be confined to this space, where they cannot expand. The Spectral Revolt begins, but as the Old Iron begin to turn the tide of the calculated uprising, the Old Iron reveal the Halitrix, a flagship capital vessel capable of wiping out the major civilizations of both Polovin and Spectral before they could amass any sort of resistance against it. With the Spectral Revolt quelled, the Old Iron move to make both species pay through fear. The Old Iron give the Spectral an ultimatum. Either destroy the Polovin species into extinction, or the Old Iron will destroy both Polovin and Spectral into extinction. The Spectral acquiesce to the ultimatum, and genocide the Polovin species.

7,500 BC // 9,800 BCM;
The Old Iron turn the world Tyron into a processing and refinery planet. Inadvertently causing the Vas Tyron to begin adapting to the technologies and their pollution in the oceans of Tyron. Tyron was deemed too inhospitable for colonization, and created vaccuum sealed factories and refineries to stave off of the environment. This would jump start the Vas Tyron hundreds of years forward in a short amount of time, though they would stay mostly hidden from the Old Iron.

7,000 BC // 9,800 BCM;
The Infederon species is outed to the Old Iron by accident. Infederon begin mass retreat to unknown areas of the planet, effectively hiding themselves away from the Old Iron after the incarceration and killing of thousands of Infederon.

6,600 BC // 9,400 BCM; Cirko Emergence
The Escosar species believes there is more to life than what has been proposed, and that the Old Iron must be hiding vast amounts of information from them. The species meets in hiding, coming to the conclusion of creating an AI race of virtual beings that could infect Old Iron technology in order to travel with the Old Iron undetected, bringing back information to the Escosar. The AI race is called the Cirko which was the Escosar word for probe. Over the next 100 years, the Cirko would become imbedded into most Old Iron technology. This would lead the Escosar to figuring out that the Old Iron is a species, and not a collection of other species

6,300 BC // 9,100 BCM;
The Cirko species has lead the Escosar to a plethora of information that they had not known. This was the first time that any Uplifted Species would know about any other. The Escosar came to the conclusion that they were uplifted as the Nyph, Koli, and Spectral were in order to perform the tasks they were given. The Escosar began studying all of the information, attempting to learn of a way to communicate with these other species for more knowledge.

6,100 BC // 8,800 BCM; Formation of the Insurrection
The Escosar unite the other Uplifted Species to form a pact. The cooperation of these species would become the Insurrection Agenda, calling themselves Insurrectionists after following a similar example lead by the Spectral. The Polovin Genocide radicalized many of the apprehensive.

5,900 BC // 8,600 BCM; Formation of the Inquisition
Sects of Old Iron who did not trust their government would find out about how the government treats these Uplifted Species. Prior to this event, most Old Iron Empire citizens believed in the myriad of lies force fed to the public in order to hold a decent political face. These Old Iron resistors within the species, or traitors from the eyes of most citizens and the Old Iron Empire would become the Old Iron Inquisition which banded together in aid of and solidarity with the struggling Uplifted Species

5,800 BC // 8,100 BCM;
The Old Iron Empire found the dead and gone Uroulon species

5,800 BC // 8,100 BCM;
Human, Keltarai, and other Hopeful Species begin a rapid incline of advancement. 

5,700 BC // 8,000 BCM;
The Cirko recognize those of the Old Iron Inquisition as genuine aid. Cirko reveal themselves to the leaders, and in return, the Old Iron Inquisition begins to secretly upgrade the species. Cirko do not reveal their true roots tied to the Escosar, essentially deflecting the questions with answers gathered from the apparent lies of the Old Iron. Old Iron Inquisition mostly believe them, and begin to feel as if the Cirko are a group program created from a virus through malfunction within the government. Many rumors circulate within the Old Iron Inquisition about the Cirko being a government entity, purposefully targeting them.

5,500 BC // 7,800 BCM;
The Old Iron have officially recorded, and or colonized all of the Milky Way Galaxy.

5,100 BC // 7,400 BCM; Start of the Decline of the Old Iron Empire
As small rebellions begin to gather leverage across the galaxy, the Old Iron Empire retaliates with further pressure. Reallocating their resources and infrastructure to become less exploratory and exploitive, but more militaristic and ruthless, leads to the construction of vast orbital military bases located throughout the galaxy in order to maintain peace. Fear begins to set into the culture of the Old Iron Empire, as scientists and mathematicians calculate a full scale uprising would destroy the Old Iron Empire not by might, but by desperation and extreme tactics. This investigation begins as the Imperial Bureau is tasked with finding out what the Uplifted Species know and believe vs. what they do not. Research would indicate a sort of growth from all of the species as the same time that lends to a theory that they are learning from one another, somehow. 

5,000 BC // 7,300 BCM; Martial Law of the Old Iron
As the rebellions spread, the Old Iron Empire reformats their infrastructure towards the Martial Law of the Old Iron. Less than a year later, said martial law would be imposed as a tactic to quell the rebellions without public outcry. Propaganda spreads with misinformation, making the Uplifted Species into monsters rather than other "people".

4,900 BC // 7,200 BCM;
Old Iron Inquisition begins to rapidly grow from a group of minor dissidents to extremist terrorists.

4,800 BC // 7,100 BCM;
The Old Iron Inquisition makes first contact with the Uplifted Species. The Uplifted Species begin to plan for revolution under the guise of dismantling the Old Iron Empire instead of their true intentions, which is to destroy the Old Iron. The Old Iron Inquisition does not know they themselves are also targeted, and history says they wont know until it is too late.

4,650 BC // 6,950 BCM; Inquisition Withdrawal
The Old Iron Inquisition, in protest of the Old Iron Empire, would destroy their citizenship and exit the Old Iron Empire the only way they knew how, which was to "disappear". As many as a few million participated. This caused the Old Iron Empire to enter a state of prolonged fear, known as the Iron Scare. Citizens would be rewarded for bringing forth any withdrawn Old Iron, and this lead to much infighting and false accusations as well as scrutiny from many social perspectives. This sort of disruption was extremely effective to buy the Uplifted Species time before the Old Iron would set their sights on them.

4,450 BC // 6,750 BCM;
With martial law as the norm, the Old Iron Inquisition who had left proper society hundreds of years prior, would decide to disband and fully integrate into nomadic groups for survival or into the Uplifted Species societies who would welcome them. This would be the end of the Old Iron Inquisition.

4,300 BC // 6,600 BCM;
The Keltarai, not abandoned but very much put on the back burner by the Old Iron Empire, cause their first mass extinction of their major food source. The Human group has created the wheel, gained understanding of advanced farming techniques, metallurgy, and the concept of time through rudimentary Old Iron technologies. The Septural people have banded together to form underground collections to oppose the Old Iron through minimal or otherwise annoying ways as the species was not very smart nor strong, more so as a test by the Old Iron to see what they could do with a simple species.

3,900 BC // 6,200 BCM;
Most rebellions at this point have been quelled, and laid to rest. However, intrusive journalism and political resistance have shown to what extent the Old Iron Empire will go to stop a rebellion, and so public opinion of the Old Iron begins to shift on the Old Iron Empire.

3,700 BC // 6,000 BCM; Tragedy of Kichelon
The Old Iron Empire find the Autarx species on Kichelon, the homeworld of the Kache and begin rapidly uplifting them in order to secure their footholds in the galaxy. The Autarx are among some of the largest sentient beings that the Old Iron had ever heard about, and planned to place them in areas of space riddled with resistance. The plan fails after about 100 years as the Autarx deviate into different Subsect Species that react much differently from the rapid uplifting, and not only kill the Old Iron in their science outposts, but each other in the process. This would pave the way for the Kache.

3,500 BC // 5,800 BCM;
With a growing fear of resistance from their own, and the fear of a resistance of the Uplifted Species, the Old Iron Empire begins to test world destroying weapons and facilities on Asa I, the Asajji homeworld. Never destroying the planet, they would cause catastrophic conditions that would pave the way for the [[Asajji]. However, with the growing Iron Scare, the government set up meteor-like/asteroid-like satellites around Asa I to spy on their own tests. After about 50 years, they would have developed, tested, and understood the Core Disruptor.

3,400 BC // 5,700 BCM; The Silent Revolt
The Uplfited Species in unison protest their oppressors by performing an all out halt on their work for the Old Iron Empire. This would last for about 5 years, with thousands dead on both sides. As a way to combat it, the Old Iron Empire had constructed and deployed the Core Disruptor on the Escosar homeworld, who were blamed by the government for their massive involvement, though they had little evidence to prove it. Essos, the Escosar homeworld is destroyed, and billions are dead.

3,350 BC // 5,650 BCM; Vas Tyron Sacrifice
The massive increase in production on Tyron causes the Vas Tyron to start their own war with the Old Iron, quickly destroying their facilities and causing the Old Iron to reinforce the planet quickly before their resources would dwindle in the inevitable war to come. The Vas Tyron are eradicated from the galaxy as a result, however, they succeeded in destroying the Old Iron resource reserves, reservoirs, and installations, thus crippling the Old Iron Empire. The Cirko play a pivotal role in the disruption of Old Iron.

3,350 BC // 5,650 BCM;
With the Vas Tyron Sacrifice would come the decision by the Insurrectionists to not interfere, but study the Old Iron in their attempt to quell the Vas Tyron. A relatively frowned upon moment in history by the Insurrectionists themselves that would have to justify their stance to do nothing, by putting the inevitable Insurrection Wars as priority. The Cirko play a vital role in the calculations and study of the Old Iron Empire war tactics and formations.

3,300 BC // 5,600 BCM; 100 Year Preparation
As a united force, the Insurrectionists become one officially, and begin their 100 Year Preparation. The Old Iron expecting a major attack any day, begin to bolster defenses and rectify resource management instead of attacking outward all at once. Without full knowledge of their enemy, they were essentially blind.

3,287 BC // 5,587 BCM; Cirko Intelligence
The Cirko begin to transfer their orders from the Escosar into becoming silent intel for the entire Insurrectionist movement. Most of the species are a little apprehensive at first, but remembering that without the Cirko they wouldnt have made it this far, they oblige. The Old Iron dont figure this out until its too late, and any amount of safety protocols in order to secure secret communications or orders for example, are completely in vain. The Cirko essentially give the Insurrectionists quick information that is usually accurate. The only problem this brings, which actually trips the Insurrectionists up more than a handful of times is that its so much information at any given time, that it can be hard to discern a curse of action, or sometimes information seems false as a plan doesnt pan out the way Cirko Intelligence says it will as the Old Iron can sometimes be extremely disorganized.

3,200 BC // 5,500 BCM; First Insurrection War
The Insurrection Wars begin with the First Insurrection War. Many of the species reveal their hidden and massive armies, navies, and specialists, and begin to wage open war across the galaxy against the Old Iron.

First Insurrection War

3,198 BC // 5,498 BCM;
During the initial push of the war, Insurrectionists challenged the Old Iron, by appealing to their sense of honor, while playing the underhand. Formal aspects of battle were highlighted by the Old Iron, which negated the idea of subterfuge, trickery, or anything considered less than straight forward. The unconventional fighting of the Insurrectionists caused them many problems to begin with, allowing whispers to permeate the boundaries of war, saying that the Old Iron will crush this rebellion sooner than originally assumed. Once the Insurrectionists stopped trying to wage war in the same way as the Old Iron, the favor began to turn. This led the Old Iron to denounce the rebels even further, unleashing waves of propaganda in order to retain a sense of sympathy from planetary states of the Old Iron unwilling to go head straight into war before assessing the larger problem.

3,197 BC // 5,496 BCM; Blitzkrieg of the Restless
The first battle of the cycle now known as 5,496 BCM, was the first and only true coordinated by the Insurrectionists. The attack was marked by a specific time, on a specific day, that threw the Old Iron in disarray. Pulling the Old Iron into a ruse, the military of the Old Iron began to prepare for a mass assault on a relatively undefended portion of Essos Space. Amidst their push, the Old Iron were blind sided, and eviscerated by Escosar, Koli, and Nyph forces. From the Insurrectionists side, however, this victory was smaller than it seemed, as it didnt change the flow of the war for the next four years. Much of the next 4 years was orchestrated in this way, which began to become less and less fruitful as the Old Iron could adapt.

3,196 BC // 5,496 BCM; [[Battle of Revar's Outpost]]
The [[Battle of Revar's Outpost]] was the first major victory for the Insurrectionists. Finally tuning themselves to combat the Old Iron instead of meeting them halfway, the Spectral pulled a triumph out of the despair of the short, and seemingly dwindling campaign of the Insurrectionists. [[Revar's Outpost]] named after one of the many Old Iron gods, was a commercial and supply hub for many of their planetary states and foundry worlds. It was converted in the 100 Year Preparation to a military resupply zone and medicinal hospital hub incase the impending war pushed close enough into Old Iron territory. Led by the ruthless Admiral Elonna, the swift victory of the Spectral, would use their growing momentum to charge forward, and catch Old Iron forces in the middle of their preparation of another attack. The leadership of the Spectral navy began ordering their home space to expand and engulf [[Revar's Outpost]] as a new addition to the Spectral after consideration from their societal leader, Triffok Adamol . This would, over time, show itself off to the galaxy as most of the resources left behind and pillaged by the Spectral would serve the war effort well, and the civilians even more. 

3,194 BC // 5,494 BCM;
After understanding the Insurrectionist way of war, the Old Iron had allowed themselves an entire year of defeat, in order to strike at the perfect time. A decision made by High Admiral Dawn of the Old Iron, it would later prove to be quite impactful in the earlier stages of war. The Nyph would suffer heavy loses in the months to come after the precision strike was made by the military leader. This would later show itself to be a turning point for the Nyph and Koli relationship, as the Nyph were only able to defend their space by help of the Koli for months.

3,194 BC // 5,494 BCM;
The Spectral begin to study the phenomena built by the Old Iron during the 100 Year Preparation that is hidden beneath the ground, near the center of their homeworld. This phenomena was the Core Disrupter, a superweapon designed to agitate the core of a world, and cause the magnetism to become harsh, effectively disrupting everything on the planet, and causing the weather to perform apocalyptic tendencies to destroy the planet from within. The Spectral go on to destroy the Core Disrupter with little to no problem, and share their information with their allies. 

3,191 BC // 5,491 BCM; First Battle of Essos Space
Essos Space was the space that surrounded the destroyed Escosar homeworld, and their colonization efforts. During the First Insurrection War, Essos Space was declared a sovereign space. The Escosar decided to use their destroyed homeworld as a trap laid down for their enemies, and built secret strongholds across the remains of the dead planetoid during the 100 Year Preparation. The Escosar gave the Nyph information that led the Old Iron to believe that the Escosar would push through the Ovani Fracture from these secret strongholds. The Ovani Fracture is a cluster of space guarded by the Old Iron for many of their foundry worlds. The Old Iron delivered a preemptive strike at the source instead, rushing into Essos Space with their attention toward the region over, thus allowing the Escosar to strike from the shadows. This opened up the Oxoaca Region for a push forward under orders by the Escosar leader, President Var Suuth. This had inadvertently sent worlds controlled by the Old Iron in both of these aforementioned regions to join the fight. The Escosar would have to rely on their allies to hold the pressure on the Old Iron as they themselves had to quell uprisings and new found enemies in the surrounding theaters of Essos Space.

3,190 BC // 5,490 BCM; [[The Skirmish of the Paximos Forward Command Outpost]]
The overtaking of the Paximos Forward Command Outpost was a turning point in the early war for Nyph forces. The Old Iron, led by Admiral Ontiph, would lose the space station in approximately two months. The Nyph engaged under orders of Grand General Onyx who was responsible for formulating and mobilizing the Nyph forces in the later years of the 100 Year Preparation. The Old Iron won the first battle against the Nyph, destroying their first wave in days. However, it would later be regarded as a minute victory as Grand General Onyx had seemingly wished to test out the space station's power, and her opponent Admiral Ontiph. The second, third, fourth, and fifth waves of battle however spelled out a different story than the first. The third wave of the battle had seen to the Nyph's control over the system. The fifth wave would be the largest victory of the decade against the Old Iron. Admiral Ontiph, a genuinely ingenious man, had lost most of his forces under his command when the war began, and he had miscalculated his chances against the Nyph's ability to perform extraordinary skills. During Admiral Ontiph's retreat, the Grand General Onyx had chased him down into an asteroid field and single handedly pulled the engines from The Abruption, the Admiral's flagship, and reigned lasers into the ship until debris was nothing more than fragments. This gave Grand General Onyx the reputation of being ruthless, striking fear into the officers of the Old Iron to ever face the giant themselves.

3,190 BCM // 5,490 BCM; Demise of the Alban
The Demise of the Alban, or the [[Fall of the Ministra Stronghold]], was a decisive victory for the Insurrectionists in the early war. It was the last of the initial push to take a larger command post from Old Iron hands and put them into Insurrectionist hands. The Alban, a rogue faction of the Old Iron, had taken refuge within the Ministra Stronghold disguised as refugees abandoned by the war in order to commit siege upon the command post from within two years prior to this event. The sympathetic Alban forces were much fewer than those of the military defending the station at the beginning, however, they'd goad others in the station to see their way as the war began to trudge downwards for the Old Iron. Civil war broke out within the station for two years, disrupting many of the Old Iron plans that stemmed from the [[Ministra Stronghold]]. When the Spectral and Nyph forces had begun to converge on the Ministra Stronghold after ignoring the pleas of the Alban, dismissing them as a trap, they aided the Alban in their efforts. Eventually, the Alban sacrificed themselves to cut a deep hole into the Old Iron forces, which allowed the Insurrectionists to sweep their enemies into an easy victory, with few casualties on their side. 

3,189 BC // 5,489 BCM;
About 11 years into the war, the fatigue had begun to set in for both sides. The Old Iron had been prepared for war, admittedly not against anything on this scale, for thousands of years, however the combination of waiting, dealing with a war that has been unprecedented, and against foes that they themselves could not foresee fighting this way, had caused them to take many missteps, like demonstrating formal war efforts against those that do not adhere to the same ideals and underestimating their opponents over and over again. The Insurrectionists however felt a different fatigue, one that stemmed from both inexperience and triumph. None of these species had ever undergone any sort of intergalactic war. None of these species had ever needed to rely on allies spread across the galaxy. None of these species went into this war prepared to spend years of their time working at it, as most assumptions and projections told the Insurrectionists that the Old Iron would allow their independence after showing their mettle as any projection would state that any sort of formidable foe multiplied to almost any number would be sure to deplete the Old Iron of their resources and people. However, these projections did not take pride into account. Due to this fatigue, the war had settled into forms of attrition. Cluster by cluster, system by system, and planet by planet. This would tire both sides out even more on a micro management side, however, it would also allow for planning to take precedence as both sides wished for an easier option to end the war swiftly in their favor.

3,185 BC // 5,485 BCM; Old Iron Vengeance
In an effort to cut the Spectral supply lines down, the Emperor Byzance had issued an edict that allowed any civilians of the Poli System within Spectral Space refuge from the war, and amnesty in any of their efforts against the Old Iron. Hundreds of thousands had clamored towards freedom, thus dwindling the Spectral morale. After months of migration, the Old Iron had allowed the Poli, the chance to live on one of their agricultural worlds that they had depleted. In a showcase of fear, the Old Iron had broadcasted the refugees on all channels, before committing orbital genocide against them, declaring that either the Insurrectionists give up entirely, or no one civilian would see their own future. The attack led by General Despiro II was defined as horrendous, but calculated. The General's quote, "And every being who stands to defy the Old Iron, be it in war, death, or in chains, are expendable and casualties of their own self destruction. We are not to blame, but you are." The culling was a driving force for the Insurrectionists and had led the Old Iron constituents into fear. While many criminal organizations rose against the government, many more dissolved in fear of their lives. This destruction and echo of change was described as the Poli Incident.

3,185 BC // 5,485 BCM;
After the Poli Incident, smugglers, traders, and business people of all kinds began to sympathize with the Insurrectionists who had previously saw them as hopeless. Thus leading to stronger and faster trade routes in the area, allowing the Nyph and Spectral better trade and easier lines of supply. An uprising in the Surket System within the [[Traulia Stability]] region sees an overthrow of the [[UrTek Group]] corporation as the workers seize the means of production of the [[UrTek Shipyards]] on the planet Iliadu.

3,177 BC // 5,477 BCM;
By this time in the war, save for the small handful of times that the Insurrectionists had cooperated with one another directly to fight the Old Iron, Emperor Byzance had come to the conclusion that the war could only continue if the Old Iron began to exploit this relatively large flaw of the Insurrectionists by focusing to divide them more than ever. Instead of trying to take back their own territory at each corner of the galaxy, instead the Old Iron would focus primarily on isolating the enemy, even if it meant giving up more territory. Each army of the Insurrectionists were formidable, but almost entirely useless in a one on one confrontation with the Old Iron when there wasn't a strict objective in sight. This change of formation would result in Old Iron success for years to come. 

3,172 BC // 5,472 BCM; [[Sekhovian Incursion]]
General Sekhovian had named a new strategy perfected called the Sekhovian Incursion after about 5 years of this new found strategy beneath Emperor Byzance's will. The Sekhovian Incursion entailed leaking information to the Insurrectionists about holes in the Old Iron defensive strategies. This would cause the Insurrectionists to claim easy territory. When the Insurrectionists had finally moved their military ops, civilians, laborers, etc to the newly taken areas, the Old Iron would sweep back in with a mighty navy, and push the enemy navy from their new territory. The Old Iron would chase, or even try to put up a lasting fight against the Insurrectionists in space, instead, blockading the planet from the Insurrectionists, either causing them to abandon their people, or to commit forces from the front lines to these relatively unimportant areas of space. This entrapment was a strategy that the Insurrectionists themselves began to fight about within their own ranks as some would decide to leave those on the planet, and others would pledge their fleets to fight the Old Iron back. Even if the Insurrectionists had claimed a victory for the new territory back, it would take resources, time, and manpower to get the territory to where it would need to be to aid the war effort. Without proper aid from each hand of the Insurrectionists, the procedure to free these planets and their people were taxing. The Old Iron however could execute this with junior officers, and relatively unimportant ships, only needing to be strong enough to push the remaining Insurrectionist navy away from the territory.

3,172 BC – 3,158 BC // 5,472 BCM - 5,458 BCM;
Within these fourteen years, the Old Iron would effectively conquer 15% of their lost territory again due to the Sekhovian Incursion battle plan. With the Insurrectionists divided, the majority of their military campaign began to shift towards defense, and recoup of loss. While the Insurrectionists backed off, trying to reformat their forces, Emperor Byzance feared this to be a ploy. Because of this, he ordered most of his own forces to dial back their offenses. With intel pointing towards a counter offensive heading straight to the throne, the leadership became very cautious. Disagreements destroyed their momentum, allowing the Insurrectionists a chance to breath considering they could hold their ground against military operations that did not overextend themselves. This was effectively the first time in the war where a leader had actually been executed for disobeying orders. Colonel Reuik had pushed towards the Luford Belt, aiming to knock the instability of the Spectral off balance. This opened up the Minos Cluster for a critical invasion, as the Minos Cluster was the last buffer between Spectral Space and the throne. Colonel Reuik dealt a devastating blow to the Spectral, setting fire to their forward agricultural stores and even pillaging a trade route in the process. In almost any other time, this would be considered a valuable strategy, however, Emperor Byzance, with his back to the wall in fear of a direct counter offensive from the Insurrectionists and with his own military leaders beginning to doubt his edicts, Emperor Byzance had ordered for Colonel Reuik's execution due to failure of compliance. The Colonel accepted his fate, handing his command off to a new Colonel Eztif

3,170 BC // 5,470 BCM;
The Old Iron forces have successfully plundered all of the trade routes within their territory, and newly gained territory, thus crippling the Insurrectionists for years to come on moving supplies discreetly. 

3,168 BC // 5,468 BCM;
A businessperson, Ahkot, and CEO of the [[Bendurstrum Corporation]], of the Escosar, is outed by his workers of the newly found work that the company began doing on advanced AI. Ahkot, in fear of execution, fled to the [[Jovian's Construct]] region, and was never heard from again. [[Bendurstrum Corporation]] and Ahtok were later found guilty, eventually becoming liquidized to help support the war effort.

3,167 BC – 3,165 BC // 5,467 BCM – 5,465 BCM; [[War Time Election: Nyph]]
[[Holy Premier Cardiola Sekk]] of the Nyph is assassinated. Her rule lead the Nyph into war, and was declared the Prestigious of the Highest Order, an award given to the most popular politician and religious cleric within Nyph society, every year after her 3rd year in office. The assassination was investigated for years with no true conviction, however, the Balance of Holies was tainted, and so an election was underway during her homicide investigation. All signs pointed to Old Iron operatives, loyal to the Old Iron, with many fingers pointed at many different small time terrorist groups, though none would claim responsibility. The election lasted for over a year, but in the end, [[Holy Premier Cardiola Sekk II]], the original leader's daughter, was put into office. Reluctantly, she accepted, however, her strategies and policies would define the Nyph throughout the war, only spelling disaster in her wake when the war was over.

3,159 BC // 5,459 BCM; Shefter Rebellion
The Shefter Rebellion was the uprising of the farmers, or shefters, who were sick of being overworked, drafted into military services, and effectively treated as lesser by society as any sort of food problems became a huge finger pointed at the farmers. So, in turn, the farmers rose up, and stopped producing food for the war, for the people, for the government. The farmers even went as far to take up arms against their government when met with force. This didnt last long though, and eventually signed a treaty after months. This was an effective benefit to the Insurrectionists though. 

3,158 BC // 5,458 BCM;
The [[Sekhovian Incursion]] tactic begins to fail horribly as the Insurrectionists begin to put plans into action to go around the Old Iron by reinforcing their frontal assaults instead of trying to conquer territory. With a break in the steady supply of food, and the lack of offensive push, the Old Iron had stumbled into a reinvigorated conflict with the Insurrectionists, who were rested and ready, whereas the Old Iron were not. 

3,157 BC // 5,457 BCM; Tragedy of The Omaru
Pirates known as The Golden Guns steal an Old Iron destroyer named The Omaru, ransoming the crew back to the Old Iron after months of captivity and murder. 

3,154 BC // 5,454 BCM; [[United Coup]]
Only after 5 years from the Shefter Rebellion, the Insurrectionists were making a steady incline in recapturing the territories lost to them recently. Regaining about 6% of the 15% lost, the United Colonies of the Old Iron leaders began to fear for their jobs as well as the stability of the empire, and attempted a coup led by Unifier Djerek. With their security forces, within the Iron Capital, the United Colonies of the Old Iron leadership led a strike against Emperor Byzance. They failed utterly, and were publicly executed.

3,153 BC // 5,453 BCM;
Koli forces ignite Old Iron forward command bases to the ground as the constant ebb and flow of the fighting allows the Old Iron to retake their old positions with much ease.

3,150 BC // 5,450 BCM;
Emperor Byzance orders a strict defensive strategy to maintain their holdings, and to bolster their own trade routes as external resources aiding the front lines for their military assaults began to dwindle. Attempting to reconsolidate their resources, the Old Iron stagnated.

3,148 BC // 5,448 BCM; [[Ragiera Rebellion]]
The citizens of the Ragiera System revolt against the Old Iron. Considering they have had a change of leader system time and time again throughout this war, and getting a lot of the destruction from the aftermath of battle, the people united to fight. Not wanting to side with the Insurrectionists but also not wanting to maintain an Old Iron allegiance, the Ragiera Rebellion fueled by Insurrectionist operatives, wrote up a treaty of independence. The Old Iron did not acquiesce to their wishes, instead, sending General Sekhovian and his forces to quell the uprising. This battle for the Regiera System would last for a decade. 

3,147 BC // 5,447 BCM;
Minor politicians beneath President Var Suuth of the Escosar are outed for selling their own species short, and the Insurrectionist dealings with the Escosar, to Old Iron operatives in deep cover.

3,145 BC // 5,445 BCM;
High Admiral Dawn openly defies Emperor Byzance's new decree of defense and revitalization. Sensing an opportunity, High Admiral Dawn and the tremendous The Devastating Eye super flagship, cut through Spectral lines. Heavy losses were incurred, however, High Admiral Dawn succeeded, reaching Skepsis, the Spectral homeworld. This had been the first time the Old Iron had reached a homeworld of an Insurrectionist hand in the war. High Admiral Dawn begins to occupy Spectral Space.

3,143 BC // 5,443 BCM;
The [[Eldari Smugglers]], a smuggling ring native to Spectral Space give up their secret trade route, called the Eldari Bypass Route, into Nyph Space, to their contact in the Spectral war effort.

3,143 BC // 5,443 BCM;
High Admiral Dawn begins to occupy Skepsis. Spectral military forces regroup, begin counter attacking pockets of Old Iron in Spectral Space. Spectral civilians begin indentured servitude to the Old Iron, giving up cache locations, moving production towards the Old Iron, and giving up Insurrectionist sympathizers. Construction begins on a new Core Disruptor beneath Skepsis' surface.

3,141 BC // 5.441 BCM;
The Nova group is formed out of defectors from both sides of the war. Capitalizing on the many avenues of underworld possibilities during such a large scale war.

3,140 BC // 5,440 BCM;
The Cirko understand what is going on, and begin to falsify reports to the Nyph in order to get them to aid the Spectral prior to the Core Disruptor being completed. Nyph forces, using the [[Eldari Bypass Route]], render almost immediate aid to the Spectral, under the impression that the Old Iron on Skepsis were the same who had troubled Grand General Onyx for years. 

3,140 BC // 5,440 BCM;
Leader DoZeel of the Koli, formerly Commander, executes his commanding officer, Leader Ofehk Ti Adas for failing to capitalize on an opportunity in the [[Mitilica Divide]]. 

3,139 BC // 5,439 BCM; [[Joint Skepsis Thrust]]
With the arrival of Nyph forces, intelligence provided by the Cirko, and strategic ingenuity provided by Grand General Onyx, the temporary joint Spectral and Nyph initiative breaks Skepsis free of Old Iron control. The immediate handful of battles are bloody, and filled with misery, however, High Admiral Dawn is forced to retreat from Spectral Space. Grand General Onyx removes himself and the majority of his fleet back to the aid of the Nyph war effort. High Admiral Dawn attempts to throw his forces into battle, allowing him an escape, however, General Madine of the Spectral effectively cuts him off, granting [[General Urit Il Vossi]] of the Spectral the chance to destroy  The Devastating Eye in one fell swoop after detonating an asteroid mining colony, wiping out himself, his fleet, and High Admiral Dawn in the process. The remainder of Old Iron attempt to fight their way out, killing many in their wake, and retreating successfully. 

3,138 BC // 5,438 BCM;
Admiral Roshen of the Old Iron takes control of the late High Admiral Dawn's residual fleet, and bolsters a defense in the Minos Cluster. Spectral set up a defensive line in the Luford Belt, Traulia Stability, and [[Ministria's Foresight]]. It will take years for the Spectral to regain their exact footing, and dismantle the construction of the Core Disruptor.

3,138 BC // 5,438 BCM; [[Ragiera Rebellion]]
The Ragiera System, riddled with war and uprising, is finally broken down and assimilated back into the Old Iron. Leaders Olin Darra, Esheuika, and [[Vaena Das Ferra]] are apprehended and thrown to the prisons. These worlds will not revert to their previous production rates for at least two more decades.

3,136 BC // 5,436 BCM; [[War Time Election: Spectral]]
[[Excallivor Restok-Lo Phon]] of the Spectral, their species' leader, is impeached over the Old Iron's ability to reach Skepsis, and his decision to bow down to High Admiral Dawn instead of fighting back. Excallivor Primir Dessa becomes the new ruler of the Spectral, and is welcomed with open arms. A revolutionary in the beginning of the war, responsible for bringing mass protests to systems within the Luford Belt, this new leader would be seen as rising to the occasion instead of reluctantly listening to the will of the people.

3,133 BC // 5,433 BCMGratuitous Vengeance Unification
With victory against the Old Iron leaving a positive taste in the collaboration of Nyph and Spectral leadership, [[Holy Premier Cardiola Sekk II]] of the Nyph and Admiral Elonna of the Spectral agree to extend their temporary joint efforts into a full fledged 5 year alliance, the Gratuitous Vengeance Unification. Both sides would never do too much with this alliance, aside from maintaining territories between their spaces together against the Old Iron with ruthless innovation, taking both [[Ministria's Foresight]] and [[Hera's Fate]] away from the Old Iron by majority. Their largest contribution as an alliance to the war would be setting up advanced secretive trade routes for the Koli, allowing them a presence in the upper regions of the Milky Way Galaxy with much ease.

3,127 BC // 5,427 BCM; Battle of Stronghold Mitilica
Leading up to the Battle of Stronghold Mitilica, the Mitilica Divide had been under siege by Koli forces since the beginning of the war. Victories here, but losses there, on both sides, the Mitilica Divide region had been one of the bloodiest areas in the entirety of the war. However, with the Gratuitous Vengeance Unification providing the Koli with more resources and access to greater technologies, the Koli were finally ready to wage war against Stronghold Mitilica. First conquering a few nearby systems for good measure, and maintaining them for months, the upcoming battle would effectively take 3 entire years of the war to see a revolution. The Old Iron led by both Admiral Weir and High General Estok, with his prized Predatory Jewel flagship, were relatively successful at keeping their holdings intact. With the recent triumphs by the Koli, they decided to convene and change their strategies. The Cirko aided Champion Ahkaut, the military leader of the Koli, in this intel, thus pushing forward a dramatic and unprecedented form of warfare in order to destroy the leadership in this area. Champion Ahkaut essentially sacrificed around a million troops in order to get himself and few others aboard the Predatory Jewel, where Champion Ahkaut destroyed both Admiral Weir, High General Estok, and the Predatory Jewel with brutality, finesse, and utter destruction. After this attack, the Koli would begin their pursuit of Stronghold Mitilica, but did not have the immediate power to succeed, and so Chanmpion Ahkaut used the Cirko to contact President Var Suuth of the Escosar in order to facilitate a temporary alliance, where the Escosar would reinforce the Koli with their own armies. This worked after months of fighting, however, Champion Ahkaut promised the station over to President Var Suuth in exchange for the help. The Koli did not hold up to their end of the bargain, instead, destroying Stronghold Mitilica. With the Escosar in desperate need for a strong medium in which to grow from, they had denounced their own allies, expressing their distrust and abstract loyalty. The Koli and Escosar would essentially never work directly with each other again in the war.

3,125 BC // 5,425 BCM; [[Plunder of Jorig's Hearth]]
The Old Iron, led by the reckless [[Captain Holfor Eritik]], defeat the Escosar and Nyph forces protecting the [[Esco-Nyph Trade Lane]], that allowed for easy maneuvering of Insurrectionist supplies between [[Essos Space]] and Nyph Space. The defeat would send ripples of disruption for both hands of the Insurrectionists for decades to come.

3,124 BC // 5,424 BCM;
The Asharai Syndicate retaliates to Old Iron intrusion upon their smuggling routes by putting bounties on all known high command officers.

3,121 BC // 5,421 BCM; The First Ovani Civil Dispute
Civilians within [[Jorig's Hearth]] begin disgruntled protests of the new Old Iron occupancy. The Ovani Fracture region is pulled into civil war between Old Iron systems as some of the labor unions, politicians, and medical staff scattered about the many different solar systems and regions of the Ovani Fracture area are outed for rendering aid to the Insurrectionists.

3,120 BC // 5,420 BCM; [[Second Battle of Ministra Stronghold]]
Admiral Roshen of the Old Iron begins the first assault on Ministra Stronghold. Captain Ardon Vile of the Old Iron simultaneously begins his assault on the [[Mayaka Mass]] region, resulting in the Nyph forces within Mayaka Mass to take a defensive, baiting strategy against the Old Iron, so that they can pull the forces of Captain Ardon Vile away from [[Ministra's Foresight]] which is not far away. Nyph forces successfully pull Captain Ardon Vile to the Paximos Sea region, in hopes that a Nyph defeat would still stagger Old Iron forces on rendering reinforcements to their assault on the Ministra Stronghold. Nyph forces split up between keeping the Old Iron busy in the Paximos Sea, rendering aid to the Ministra Stronghold, and then answering to a distress call in [Jorig's Hearth]] which could have led to an incoming, and much needed, flow of allies to aid in this multi theater battle. Admiral Roshen begins a second assault on the space station. Squadron Leader Hessik of the Nyph receives word of a distress call from a known Old Iron defector cell in the [[Jorig's Hearth]] region, and upon making contact, is drawn into a trap. Grand General Onyx, leading the fight against Admiral Roshen, effectively moves forces from the Nyph homeworld and Paximos Forward Command Outpost to resupply and reinforce this wide spanning conflict. Admiral Roshen leads the Old Iron to their first major victory in the Second Battle For Ministra Stronghold. The defeat and repositioning of the Nyph forces ultimately leaves the largest assets of the Nyph vulnerable to a sneak attack, thus calling upon President Var Suuth to send any aid available to the Ovani Fracture region to have a more direct hand in the rebellions. Other than the back and forth battle for Ministra Stronghold, the Old Iron are becoming outmatched in the areas like the Mayaka Mass, Paximos Sea, and [[Jorig's Hearth]]. Protocol would dictate a regroup and resupply before confining their attack to one large blunt onslaught, however, the Old Iron attempted to revitalize and push anyway. Admiral Roshen, using the momentum of the last victory in this battle, begins his final assault on Ministra Stronghold, only to be stifled by a lack of reinforcements at the proper time. This allowed for 3 major changes in the spanning battle; With the forces in [[Jorig's Hearth]] resisting defeat, the Old Iron effectively cut off the Insurrectionists in the region from aiding the Paximos Sea and Ovani Fracture. Majorly weakening the Insurrectionists in the entirety of the galactic east and southeast. Thus both sides becoming embroiled in 4 conflicts across 4 regions simultaneously, diverting aid from the Nyph and their Insurrectionist allies, while also dealing with two region wide rebellions, that affect both sides dramatically. And lastly, against the wishes of the Old Iron, allowed the victory of the Insurrectionists within the Mayaka Mass the ability to push the Old Iron toward Ministra Stronghold, and the ensuing battle, while also laying a trap for any retreating or repositioning forces in the Mayaka Mass region. Captain Ardon Vile's forces are decimated in their retreat / reinforcement phase of conflict to aid Admiral Roshen. This eventually, after years, led to an outstanding victory over Admiral Roshen at the Ministra Stronghold.

3,118 BC // 5,418 BCM;
The citizens of the Ragiera System return to their previous production outputs from before the Ragiera Rebellion.

3,116 BC // 5,416 BCM;
Most of the remaining forces from the aftermath of the Second Battle of Ministra Stronghold began to subside. Breaking off from their engagements, the Old Iron forces recollected themselves within the Uron Unity region, half defending an inevitable attack against the Uron Forward Command Outpost, and half catching their breath. The Insurrectionists followed suit in catching their breath, relying heavily on resupplies and medical attention. Various Generals and Commanders of the Nyph, excluding Grand General Onyx, began concocting their plan to invade the Uron Unity region for the military outpost stationed there. Grand General Onyx however decides to aid in clearing out any Old Iron remnant within the previously war torn regions, while also helping President Var Suuth of the Escosar in quelling the rebellions of the Ovani Fracture.

3,112 BC // 5,412 BCM; Cognizant Double Cross Pact
The [[Asharai Syndicate]] makes a deal with the high command of the Old Iron, allowing for amnesty against their war time crimes and profiteering, and retroactive crimes in the last decade before the war in exchange for intelligence. To the Old Iron, this would effectively change the war from there on out, however, the criminal group refers to the deal as the Cognizant Double Cross Pact, as the group has no intentions of aiding the Old Iron, after quickly finding out that the Insurrectionists have already granted autonomy to the criminal group before the war even started.

3,109 BC // 5,409; Assassination of High Command
With the Old Iron barely hanging onto their end of the bargain, reaching for outcomes of intelligence prior to their promised aid to the Asharai Syndicate, the criminal group begins to feed their treacherous anti governmental jobs down to a newer group, Nova, who was comprised of defectors from both sides of the war. A Bounty Hunter known as Cigaro takes a hit out on General Despiro II after having a personal stake in the Old Iron Vengeance. Cigaro succeeds, and with his allotment of moneys, decides to put together a crew of vigilantes, aiming to fracture the Old Iron and Insurrectionist military leaders by assassination. From bounties to personal hits to subterfuge and sabotage, neither factions saw this threat coming.

3,108 BC // 5,408 BCM;
Old Iron forces begin to put sizable pressure down on the Spectral front, as their other fronts prepare for heavier assaults in an attempt to follow the late High Admiral Dawn's strategy of punching a hole where statistics shows improbable.

3,105 BC // 5,405 BCM; [[First Battle of Uron Forward Command Outpost]]

Primeval Era

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